4-ACO-DMT 2mg Microdose


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chemical names: 4-ACO-DMT

CAS nr: 92292-84-7

Effects: cognitive enhancement / anti-depression

Content of 1 research kit: 10 pellets, 1 pellet contains 2mg 4-ACO-DMT

Research quantity: 1 pellet,  continue research every 3rd day   X - - X - - X - - X so 1 tube of 10 lasts a month of research.


a microdose is supposed to contain a below threshold dose of a psychedelic for the purpose of performance enhancement over a LONGER PERIOD.

This means your simulation software is not supposed to really register anything obvious, certainly NOT results comparable to what in vivo test subjects from the ‘70ies would have described as "tripping"! If your simulation software is very sensitive and it’s audio warning signals are loud enough to disrupt, f.i. a work meeting, the research quantity should be adjusted accordingly. Below threshold! Google that concept.

BEST RESEARCH INFO: https://thethirdwave.co/microdosing-lsd-mushrooms/