Members of the scientific community either embrace new technologies in the first wave of early adapters, or they are so engrossed in their own research that they postpone the inevitable till they absolutely have to. This guide is dedicated to the latter group.

To safe everyone time and prevent inventing the wheel over and over again, we sifted through the many players on the market to select the 2 best options to enter the Bitcoin market for the practical purpose of paying with BTC.
Key parameters: easy set-up (once) + instant exchange (continuous).

The result:
Coinbase: easiest service for buying BTC with a credit/debit card
BitPanda : easiest service for buying BTC with SOFORT direct bank transfer


PART I – open Bitpanda or Coinbase account

Coinbase  iOS+Android or pc  Visa Mastercard
If you want to buy BTC with your credit card you should download the Coinbase app on your smartphone or go to
Set-up on your smarthone is easier because that way you can use your camera to upload a picture of your ID. Coinbase does its own ID-check and only requires photos.

Bitpanda Android or pc  SOFORT
BitPanda only has an Android app so iPhone users that prefer to pay for BTC with a SOFORT direct bank transfer should register here

Bitpanda lets you choose between IDnow or My Identity Check to handle a more elaborate identity verification with a video chat. Both companies let you use either a pc/laptop with a webcam or iOS and Android apps on your smartphone. Although Bitpanda verification is not as fast as Coinbase, keep in mind you only have to do this once.

Part II - buy BTC

This is the part where you exchange Euros for Bitcoin. For both services this works in a similar way. Add payment method, and buy BTC directly into your BTC folder. It’s also possible to wire some extra Euros to the Euro folder to be exchanged into smaller BTC portions later on when you actually need them, circumventing any possible exchange fluctuations.

PART III - order with BTC

At the end of the ordering process a green and yellow window will pop-up or automatically open in a new tab. This is your BTCpay invoice, and it’s very important to leave it open until you’ve finished the payment.

Notice the big QR code in the middle. This contains our block-chain-address, that’s like a bank-account for Bitcoin. If you click on the word “Copy” the QR will disappear and the actual BTC address will be revealed. Click on the address to copy it to memory.

Next, open your account on Coinbase or Bitpanda

Coinbase (pc): One click on Accounts (top) will reveal a list of various currency wallets, under your BTC-wallet you will notice “send”. Immediately your cursor is at the right place to paste (CTRL+V) the BTC address you retrieved from our BTCpay invoice. Don’t forget to enter the amount 2 lines below, and press the blue “continue” bar at the bottom.
Enter the 2 factor authorization code from your phone and finish the payment.

Coinbase (iOS Android): Open app and press “Accounts” at the bottom, and open the BTC-wallet. On the top right corner of your screen you’ll find a small black arrow that is very easy to miss. Clicking on it will start a payment transaction. Enter the amount and press the blue Next bar at the bottom. Where the cursor blinks in the next screen, paste the address (long press, paste) from memory which you copied from our BTCpay invoice. You can now complete the transaction.

Bitpanda (pc): One click on Wallets (top left) will reveal a list of various currency wallets. Open your BTC wallet and press the blue send -> ball in the middle to start the transaction. The first pop-up contains the address bar where you can paste (CTRL+V) the BTC address you copied earlier from our BTCpay invoice. Next press “send asset to new address” where you can enter the amount. Press the blue bar again to check the summary, slide the “I am sure…” bar and finally confirm the transaction.

Bitpanda (iOS Android): The middle of the portfolio page shows 3 blue circles, press the one on the right that says “Send” ->. You can now immediately paste the BTC address that you copied from our BTCpay invoice (long press, paste), enter the amount in the next screen and finish the transaction. Easy does it!


What to do if you accidentally closed the BTCpay invoice

You need the data on the BTCpay invoice to pay. To re-open it takes 5 steps:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Top right, click “MY ACCOUNT”
  3. White bar, bottom left, click “Order history and details”
  4.  Grey bar, right side, click “Details”
  5. Middle-left notice “Crypto Invoice Open”, click on Open

Scan the QR or click “Copy” just above the scan to reveal the block-chain-address.
One click on the address itself will copy it to memory to be used for Bitpanda, Coinbase or other service of your choice.