4-FMA 125mg

pellet 125mg 2x

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chemical name: 4-FMA

CAS nr: 351-03-1

Content of 1 research kit: 2 pellets, and 1 pellet contains 125mg 4-FMA

Effects: stimulation, euphoria, entactogen

Research quantity: 1 pellet

Similar to: MDMA ("xtc") / amphetamine, 99% similar to 4-FA/4-FMP 

Effect rating: 3 out of 5

Bongbastic Xenon
Philipp Martin


Empathogenic-entactogenic effects are significantly weaker than with Hex or 3MMC

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Mehdi Boutejdar

Very wide range of effects

So it is really a diffrence of how much the hamster gets. In low dosage (like half a pill) it is a bit like you are on a mdeitation. nothing is in your head but in a positive way. with more it is going to be like xtc.. but be careful you will get a bit of a headache the next day. (but not much more than from alcohol) so hamster is happy with this :D

  • 5 out of 5 people found this review useful.

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