4F-MPH 10mg Microdose


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chemical names: 4F-MPH (4fluor-methylphenidate = 4f-Ritalin)

CAS nr: 1354631-33-6

Effects: functional stimulant (=no euphoria, no jitters, just energy to work, learn, etc.)

Content of 1 research kit: 10 pellets, 1 pellet contains 10mg 4F-MPH

Research quantity: 1 pellet, best to do the experiment before 13:00h

NOTICE: this MINI dose is supposed to contain a functional dose of a stimulant for the purpose of performance enhancement.

Technically, a stimulant microdose is somewhat of a contradictio in terminis. In contrast to a "real" microdose, your research software will indeed generate an immediate and clear response. Then why is it in the "microdose" category? Because, like true microdosing, it is intended to improve the day-to-day functioning of your digital hamster, and not to make it feel like it's at a party.